Linger Lodge Bradenton Old Florida

Linger Lodge RV Park is one of the finest Florida RV parks in the state. While there are numerous resting places in the region, we believe this is a one-of-a-kind experience that’s perfect for anyone on holiday, spring break, or escaping the harsh northern Winters.

They are conveniently placed near the northern bank of the Braden River in Bradenton, Florida. There is a variety of stuff to do in and around our park. We welcome groups of friends and family members for a weekend at our RV park if they choose to come with us.

Linger Lodge RV Park is a lovely spot that has gained popularity throughout Florida as a result of its attractiveness and prime location. It’s located in the middle of the riverside region and the thick jungle, offering visitors with a beautiful hideaway location.

The park is currently closed for extensive renovations, which are expected to finish in July 2022. The improved lodge will include a number of facilities in addition to the RV park, including one of Bradenton Florida’s finest restaurants.

So, the next time you visit Bradenton, Florida, take the family to Linger Lodge RV Park for a thrilling experience.

 Braden River

The Braden River runs along the north side of Linger Lodge. The region has remained untouched by time, and it is home to a variety of animals. One of our inhabitants graciously allowed us to include his photographs in this screensaver, and we have made it available for all who desire to see its beauty.

Linger Lodge the strangest RV Resort

While sailing on the dark waters around the legendary Braden River on a hot, humid summer night, Ol’ Mike Bennett saw two red eyes gleam just above the water’s surface. The calm of the evening seemed odd when he noticed two crimson eyes glimmering far above the tide line. Before he realized what was going on, a long tail came flying across the bow and sent him straight into the black water. An enormous, voracious gator grabbed hold of Ol’ Mike’s leg and dragged him down for dinner. It was a hard-fought battle… rolled back and forth with Mike’s leg in his jaws; On his other leg, where his favorite knife, Big Boy, was strapped. Big Boy performed in a flash, and the gator’s jaws opened wide. It didn’t matter that Ol’ Mike was the Alligator wrestling champion of the State of Florida; it only took a few seconds for Big Boy to dispatch him. The 16 foot result hangs over the fire pit at the front of Linger Lodge Restaurant. Get away from it…